About The LMD System

The LMD meaning Licence-Master-Doctorat (Bachelor's-Master's-Doctorate), or the LMD system, is a Three (03) levels organization of post-secondary and higher education it standardizes the levels and organizes recognition of the degrees in different fields, in-between universities nationally and internationally.

Orgnization of the The LMD System

The LMD System is divided into Three (03) grades or cycles of education:

• The Bachelor is the first level with 6 semesters of studies and validated by obtaining 180 credits.
• The Master is the second level with 4 semesters of studies and validated by obtaining 120 credits.
• The Doctorate is third level with 3 years of studies after the completion of the Master degree.

Teaching Units

The LMD system is divided into semesters which are spliced into different Teaching Units and organized as follows:

Fundamental Teaching Unit (FTU)

It groups together the core courses essential to the field of study.

(it weights 60% of the Semesters Credits)

Methodological Teaching Unit (MTU)

They are courses that enables the student to be self-reliant in his/her Studies.

(it weights 30% of the Semesters Credits)

Discovery Teaching Unit (DTU)
Transversal Teaching Unit (Common) (TTU)

In one hand DTU includes courses that broaden the student's knowledge horizon and open new perspectives in the event of a reorientation.

In the other hand TTU courses allow student to gain a practical knowledge in different areas such as languages, computer science, information and communication technologies...).

(DTU and TTU weights 10% of the Semesters Credits)


Credits represents an hour size of 20 to 25 hours per semester and it represents the hours of instruction provided to the student in different teaching methods, and the student's own working hours. Their main features are: any credit allocation of a teaching unit or course shall result in the final acquisition of the corresponding credit; Students can use acquired credits in another learning path (subject to acceptance by the faculty staff).


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