The Center Review

Scientific Research Notebooks

Publishing condition in our Peer Reviewed Journal:

The Center's Review publish all scientific, intellectual and literary studies in the fields of Humanities, Economics Social Sciences or Law written in Arabic, French or English. As well as proceedings of national or international scientific meetings and conferences.

The Article :
- Original and innovative research work ; 
- Never published before and should not be already submited for publication to any journal or conference ;  
- Not previously refused for publication to any journal or conference (The researcher must sign an official document) ;
- The Manuscript should be printed in a A4 paper and copy in a CD, it shall not be less than 10 pages and not exceed 20 serially numbred pages with a Simplifed Arabic 14 Font in a Word document ;
- The researcher should sumbit a 350 words Abstract in Arabic and another one in French or English each one on a seperate page ;
- The Research Title, Authors Names, Scientific Ranks and their Affiliation sould be in a seperate page ;
- References and Citations should be numbred and placed at the end of the article. Using the following canvas :
Journal Article: Author Name, Journal Name, Issue Number, Publication Year.
Books: Author Name, Book Name, Publisher Name, Publishing Place, Publication Year, Page.

- Articles which dosen't respect the technicals and methodolical standards will not be published.
- By submiting the articles the authors pledge that they never previously published that article, and will not submit it for publication in any other party until the end of its peer review procedure and publication in the Scientific Research Notebooks issued by the University Center of Tipasa. In case of acceptance of the article for publication, all copyrights shall be vestedto the Journal and can not be published in any other Journal (paper or electronic form) without written permission from the Chief Editor.
- Research received by the Journal will not be deleted or returned to the authors, published or not.
- The Author may receive upon request a Promise to Publish if his research is approved, and the publication certificate can be delivered after the issue of the journal.
- The Researcher will receive two (02) hard copies free of charge of the journal issue where his article is published.

Peer Review:

- Researchs received by the editorial board will be presented to experts who decide whether or not we can publish the article.
- The Editorial Board reserves the right to submit proposals of amendment corrections and clarification based on the content of the expert reports.
- Researches that the editorial board did not agree to publish are not returned to the authors.
- The Journal is not responsible for the opinions and trends in the published works.


University Center of Tipaza, Oued Merzoug, 42022