The University's Organizational Chart

  1. Board of Directors

    The Center's Director

    The Scientific Council

    1. Deputy Directors

      1. Deputy Director for Graduation Studies, Continuing Education and Certification

      2. Deputy Director for Post-Graduation Studies, Scientific Research and International Relations

      3. Deputy Director for Development and Prospective

    2. The General Secretary

      1. Deputy Director for Human Resources, Training, Cultural and Sports Activities

      2. Deputy Director for Budget, Accounting and Resources

      3. Common Technical Departments

        1. Intensive Languages Learning Center

        2. Printing and Audiovisual Center

        3. ICT, Networks and E-Learning Center

    3. Library Director

      1. Acquisition and Processing Service

      2. Bibliographic Research Service

      3. Guidance Service

    4. Institutes

      1. Institute of Economics and Business Administration Director

      2. Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences Director

      3. Institute of Arabic Language and Literature Director

      4. Institute of Law and Political Sciences Director

      5. Institute of Science and Technology Director

Deputy Directorate for Graduation Studies, Continuing Education and Certification

The role of the Deputy Director of Studies in Graduation of Training and Degrees is to:

  • Monitoring the proper conduct of the education.
  • Making sure that the academic programs institutes provides to students are in harmony with the vision of the university center.
  • Ensuring the smoothness of registrations, enrollments, students’ mobility and the knowledge control operations.
  • Monitoring E-learning activities and developing all continuing education activities.
  • Ensuring that equivalencies and awarding certificates / diplomas procedures are carried out correctly.
  • Maintaining and updating students lists and database.

He could be assisted by:

  • Head of Teaching and Evaluation Department.
  • Head of Continuing Education Department.
  • Head of Diplomas and Equivalency Department.
Teaching and Evaluation DepartmentRegistration and Enrollment, Students' Mobility,
Studies Suspension, Disciplinary Board and Level Confirmation
Diplomas and Equivalency DepartmentDiplomas and Certificates Issuance,
Credentials Equivalence and Assessment
Continuing Education DepartmentMonitoring students' field trips,
Monitoring the Agreements established with third party Companies
Archive and Documentation DepartmentOrganize, Manage and Update the Students' Database and Archive 
Academic Staff DepartmentMonitoring Pedagogical Activities and Professors Overtime Hours 
Scheduling and Statistics DepartmentClassroom Occupation, Students and Academic Staff Statistics,
Preparing Semesterly Courses, Exams and Schedule

Deputy Directorate for Post-Graduation Studies, Scientific Research and International Relations

The role of the Deputy Director for Post-Graduation Studies, Scientific Research and International Relations are:

  • Providing a suitable work environment for scientif councils.
  • build Scientific and mobility partnership with local as well as foerign university and higher education institutions.
  • Manage and facilitate the research work within the university.
  • Monitor the postgraduation studies cycle.

He could be assisted by:

  • Head of Scientific Councils Department
  • Head of Cooperation and International Relations Department
  • Head of Research Activities Department
  • Head of Postgraduate Studies Department.
Department of Scientific Councils
Department of Cooperation and International Relations
Research Activities Department
Postgraduate Studies Department .

Deputy Directorate for Development and Prospective

The role of the Deputy Director of Studies in Graduation of Training and Degrees is to:

  • Gather the core data and elements to create the University Center’s development plans
  • Conduct forecast studies regarding students’ enrollments and suggest processes to handle that influx, mainly on the pedagogical and administrative side
  • Prepare media supports about the university center’s academic programs and their job market opportunities
  • Update the statistical databases of the university center.
  • Provide information sessions to students, regarding their learning path choice
  • Monitor the implementation of the University Center’s constructions and equipment plans

The Directorate is solemnly in charge of gathering the core data and elements that falls within the preparation of the university center’s development plans and monitoring the different constructions plans and sites in liaison with the Province departments as well as ensuring the implementation of equipment programs for various facilities of the center.

The Directorate also carries out prospective / Forecast studies regarding students’ census. As the University Center aims to attract around 25 000 students by 2025. This goal will require the implementation of a forward-thinking development plan and the launch of several Institutes / Faculties in different areas :

- Languages and Literatures
- Information and Communication 

He could be assisted by:

  • Head of Statistics and Prospective Department
  • Head of Information and Guidance Department
  • Head of Construction and Equipment Monitoring Department
Statistics and Prospective DepartmentGather Data, Create Development Plans, Conduct Forecasts
Information and Guidance DepartmentProvide Media Supports, Information sessions 
Construction and Equipment Monitoring DepartmentMonitor Construction Plans,
Monitor Equipment Implementation


University Center of Tipaza, Oued Merzoug, 42022